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Custom Process

Our goal is to make wigs as natural and lifelike as possible, while customer comfort is one of our top priorities.

Step 1:
Measure head circumference and create head mold

According to the different head shape, radian and required area of each guest, make the hair piece completely fit to the head and wear it to achieve the most natural effect and the highest comfort.

Step 1: 量度頭圍及開設頭部模型
Step 2:
Choose the base of the hair piece

Hair Recovery provides several bases for different needs according to the living habits;


  • Breathable mesh for outdoor work and regular exercise

  • Pursue the most realistic artificial scalp mesh base

  • Mix mesh that combines the above two advantages

Step 2: Choose the base of the hair piece
Step 3: Choose hair colour, length and volume
Step 3:
Choose hair color, length and volume

  • According to the customer's own hair color, the hair piece is made, so that the finished product of the hair piece is more compatible with your own hair, and the effect is more natural.

  • The length of the hair can be matched according to the shape,unlike the traditional wig with a single shape, which makes wearing the hair piece more lifelike.

  • The hair volume is recommended according to the actual age of the guests, so that the wearing effect is more natural and coordinated.

Step 4: Select hair shapes
Step 4:
Select hair growth direction, Swirl position, hair line height and radian

  • According to the original hair and swirl position or reset the hair and swirl position, and then choose the direction of the hair to carry out the hook weaving process to make the hair piece more three-dimensional and layered.

  • Choose the height and radian of the hairline, and adopt the new invisible hairline technology to make hairline more realistic

Step 5: Choose Fixing Method
Step 5:
Choose Fixing Method

It is not necessary to shave the hair to use hair piece. 


We provides full clip/front tape and back-clip/full tape/Full tape(long-term). 


We will recommend the most suitable fixing method to meet the different needs of customers

Step 6: Additional options available as required
Step 6:
Additional options available as required

According to different needs or age, we can add gray hair or curly hair to make more natural.

Step 7: Production takes 60-70 days
Step 7:
Production takes 60-70 days

The hair pieces are all hand-made with real hair according to the above details, so it takes more time to produce.

Step 8: Pick Up & Style
Step 8:
Pick Up & Style

After the hair piece is made, the guest will be booked for trimming and styling. We have independent studio to absolutely protect the privacy of the guest.


Guests can provide photos of their favorite hairstyles or provide advice from our professional hair stylists.

Step 9: After-sales service
Step 9:
After-sales service

Hair Recovery provides a six-months warranty on all custom products

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