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  • Why use a wig?
    There is no need to worry about the survival rate of hair after surgery compared with the expensive price and painful surgery of hair transplantation.In addition, there is no need to take medicine and apply medicine regularly every day, worry about unknown side effects and effects, and pay expensive monthly medicine bills.Suitable for those who want to restore their proper hair volume at a reasonable price.
  • Are wigs durable?
    The lifespan of the wig depends on the usage habits and the degree of maintenance. Generally, it can be used for 2-3 years.
  • What should I do if I want to go on a long trip and need to live with friends?"
    If you need to go out to work or travel, the recovery method will have a special fixation method so that you don't need to take off the wig!
  • How can I protect my privacy?
    The recovery method adopts the reservation system and does not accept Walk in. Only one guest is entertained at each time period, and there are also independent rooms. Privacy is extremely high, ensuring that guest information will not be leaked.
  • Will it be expensive?
    The price of the product is flat, and there are no hidden charges; Guests may contact us for a brief description and preliminary quotation.
  • Will it be troublesome to wear?
    It may take a long time to wear at the beginning of use. After getting used to wearing it, the time required will be reduced by one minute.
  • Will the wig fall off easily?
    The recovery method has been tested by specialists using different wig fixing methods, and it will not fall off in strong wind or strenuous exercise.
  • Will someone find out if I wear a wig?
    Rehabilitation will provide you with the product that works best for you, creating the most natural results for you, so those around you won't notice.
  • Can I get the hairstyle I want?
    You can prepare a photo of the hairstyle of your choice, and Restoration can also provide advice on creating the best hairstyle for you.
  • Can I wear a wig for a long time?
    Yes, the materials we use are thin and breathable, so you won't feel uncomfortable when wearing them for a long time.
  • Can it be used for complete hair loss?
    Whether your hair loss problem is mild or severe, Rehabilitation can provide you with the most suitable products.
  • Will there be a fee for try-in and consultation?
    Recovery provides free try-on and consulting services, never forced to buy, allowing you to choose the most suitable wig with peace of mind.
  • Is it embarrassing to cut your hair?
    The restoration method has an independent studio for you to avoid the embarrassment and trouble of going out to trim.
  • How to cope with daily life wearing a wig?
    The recovery method specialist has worn the product for many years, understands the various situations that will be encountered in daily life, and can provide you with personal experience to answer any questions on use.
  • How to distinguish between real hair and artificial hair?
    The identification method is very simple, because the simulation hair is made of some chemical fibers such as nylon, glass fiber, rayon and other materials,Therefore, burning artificial hair will produce a smell like burning plastic, and burning real hair will produce a burning smell like burning grease.
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